Equipments are essential but thinking equipment will make  your content good is wrong. We know many youtubers who still use their smartphone and provide some great content. It’s necessary to upgrade if your work demands but much of the time we are wrong to think that it needs, like it’s always said the best gear is, what you have with you and it’s always hand using them that produces astonishing work’s so “CONTENT FIRST”, it’s really important what you make videos of and how you present but having quality, versatile and working gear is surprisingly important as well that always comes second in content creation. Here are some of my gears that i use to make videos on daily basis..


Camera is most important gear , come on you need to record the video first what else do you need, even microphone and lightings come second to third in here. I have good history regarding the cameras. My first ever camera was Sony DSC W50 which was really good camera at the time and i started to love photography with this as my main camera i used to take a lot of images and edit them even though it didn’t have raw capabilities, then came my first ever DSLR Canon 700D best beginners camera, even today i recommend this to many beginners, then i slightly shifted to Canon counterpart Nikon D7200, semi pro camera with damn good sensor for images but that lacked video features mainly autofocus system was not that good than i returned to Canon with Canon 80D which i still use and it’s autofocus system is to look for.

Here are some specs of it’s :-   


Already told, second comes the microphone. Now microphone comes in different variety and types .Mostly you should be buying microphone according to your kind of work. I used Irig Lav Mic for my initial video’s then i shifted to ZOOM H5,  more advanced and high quality audio recorder, i still use this microphone and this has some amazing audio quality and features and i think it will be my main microphone for long time. Zoom H5 will cost around 25K in Nepali market and can be purchased from stores in Newroad.

Zoom H5 specs:-


I used youngnuo yn 300 as my main light that can be hooked up in the cold shoe of your camera, this operates on battery and can be used even outdoors which is really handy, this cost around 8-9K in Stores in Newroad and can be easily found. Right now i am using quadruple lights as my main light’s which produces amazing bright light for any kind of video works. This cost me around 6K for pair and believe me guys this was cheapest i got. I purchased these lights from Pritika Camera Concern, Newroad.

These are the 3 basic things that i used mostly in my videos right today, some of it doesn’t even comes off the tripod and stand ever and that keeps my room messy as hell. I dropped my camera with the tripod once and luckily, filter was only shattered so protect your gears and keep them right. Good Bye..

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