Tips on buying Old smartphones

Sometime’s buying an old phones can be absolutely worth. Smartphone companies keep on upgrading their phone yearly or maybe even twice a year. Somebody may want to upgrade their phones selling which they have and someone might want to get good phone but are in low budget, this makes perfect blend to buy and sale used phones. Even in Nepal especially in Hamrobazar which is Nepal’s largest pre-owned accessories buying and selling platform there are tons of great deals on used phones. Off course it can be great deal if you could buy well pre-handled phones but there are certain things to look for before buying already used smartphones. Here are few of them mentioned..

Be sure to check device is unlocked or not

Especially in the case apple devices be sure it’s unlocked or its almost impossible to unlock the locked devices and for unlocking them it cost too much so be sure to check the device status but in case of android there is less chance of device being locked and it even can be unlocked with ease so be sure to check that..

Be sure what you are looking for

Try to look according to your need. Are you looking for old flagship devices or mid range phones be sure. When buying old phones try little more to get high-end devices cause mid range phones have low end specs which may remain little older in the time and can be not so enough for present day gaming and apps.

Meet the seller

Meet the seller in person before buying the device, don’t just have a looks on image and decide, call the seller and check the device in your hand

Inspect the device

Physically inspect the device. Normal dents or scratches might be expected but big and shattered displays might be deal breaker. Also check all the ports whether the device is charging properly or not. If the phone opens then open up and check the batteries and all the inside stuff. If possible insert your sim card and check the networks. Be sure whether the sellers includes original charger or not, some phones may have there exclusive chargers like dash charger which will cost more buying separately so ask these things properly.

Where to buy

Most certainly right now the biggest platform is hamrobazar site. Even though being pre-owned devices they have well categorized segments according to budget and brands which will make you easy to choose from. There are many great deals and even i have found many perfect deals if the mentioned things are correct. Many of my friends have bought used phones from the site but you may find old smartphones in FB group or some pages also.

Final Negotiation

You checked the device and are ready to give away the cash then have final Negotiation.After looking the handset you know now how much to pay or is it worth paying the demanded amount or not, so start little negotiation. Point out some bumps or bruises in the device which may ultimately help in lowering the price although small scars may not effect the pricing much.

Use Properly

Pre-owned phones don’t have any warranties or guarantees so use it very well.You might want to slap some hard case cover on the device which can protect it on long run..

Be happy with the deal

Though the device is older, you got new phone for yourself so be happy that you got new device in low price.

Well i do think these are the outcomes you should look for while purchasing old phones.May be i have missed some point, please mention in comment section below or you may have some interesting story of yourself buying used phones please don’t hesitate to share them below…Have a good day!!

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