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It’s been a while am working as an editor in media company and also doing my own videos in YouTube and as an editor my work always demands fastest machine. I have to edit videos, do 2d stuff, play with transition and mogrt files which takes a lot of time if you really dont have good specs computer. Not long ago, may be 3 years back in 2016 i still used my old laptop with i3 processor with 4GB RAM which didn’t have graphics card nor high speed SSD. To be honest it took almost 2-3 hours to render 10-15 minutes of full hd video and editing them even took long time ,cause of not so powerful CPU even playback time was very slow. So in late 2016 i decided to buy a laptop that i would edit video on and do my all stuff but again the problem was i didn’t had much budget so market research was what i needed to do to find cheap but also instantly powerful that i would be able to do all of my stuff. So i came up with a conclusion to buy Lenovo Legion Y520 which cost 112,000 NPR at the time .Here are the few specs at the time of buying

Lenevo Legio Y520

CPU:- i7 7th Gen

GPU:- Nvidia GTX 1050ti 4GB VRAM


HDD:- 1TB 7200RPM

So these were the ground specs of my laptop when i bought it newly. I got the laptop did my editing which was faster than my i3 laptop. I could render faster improvement  and game as well but i wasn’t getting significant improvement what people described that from a laptop with i7 processor and good graphics card so again i researched what would be the possible cause and with finding i decided to upgrade the RAM. So i purchased DDR4 ram of 8GB which cost me around 8-9k NPR.

DDR4 RAM will cost around 8-9K in Nepal

Surprisingly i could work on heavy after effects file with ease now. Files that couldn’t open before were opening and i was able to work on animation and all. But the problem that persisted was every other app were taking longer time to open up. Even windows would take upto 5 minutes to open load likewise Photoshop, Premier or After effects ,every app took 6-7 minutes loading time and that so annoying guys severely annoying. As always again research is what lead me to ultimately update my HDD in my laptop. To my findings i came to know the HDD in my laptop was so slow and working off the drive would make it load more which ultimately lags all of your work and takes time to make a impact.

NVME SSD 256GB will cost around 12-13K in Nepal

so i upgraded my laptop HDD to fastest NVME SSD of 256GB. We all know SSD are more expensive than hdd cause of their speed. 1TB hdd would cost 5-6k in Nepal but 256GB ssd would cost around 8-9k in Nepal and it also depends upon brand, generation or types. NVME ssd are fastest and expensive then the sata types. So i upgraded my laptop to 256gb ssd that cost me 12K NPR. I know 256gb is not much but i only contains all of my applications only and 1tb hard drive is where i store all my backup data or recent video file’s. With SSD my laptop is much more faster and i got significant change then with only hdd. App loads much faster like in 10 seconds and even windows loads in 9 seconds that is pretty much fast the with hdd. So this is what i did with my laptop eventually that made my workflow much faster now and in future i have plan to upgrade to external ssd to edit off my videos with and i will be writing about that too..

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