Chariot being pulled during Biska Jatra

“Biska Jatra”

Chariot being pulled during Biska Jatra , Bhaktapur

Biska Jatra celebrated 4 days before Nepali new year(Bikram Sambat) in Bhaktapur is one of the most thrilling yearly event in Nepal.  

Local’s preparing chariot on the occasion of Biska Jatra

3 storey chariot build for the procession of wrathful god Bhairav and goddess Bhadrakali is pulled through the aisle of Taumadhi Square.

Child playing with tug which is made ready to pull the chariot in Biska Jatra

More interesting is chariot doesn’t get pulled in only one direction rather is pulled from different ends most likely being ancient tug of war game. Myth suggest whom so ever marries princess of the town dies on very first night of marriage a brave young man marries the princess and kills the 2 snakes that attacked him that night so the day is marked as celebration and is so called Biska Jatra and it is believed to be occured during Malla Dynasty.

Yearly thousand of internal and external tourist visit the event and enjoy this ancient event.

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