My Year 2075 !!

It’s new year again in the radar. So if you are confused its not January 1st we Nepali people have many calendar to celebrate new years. So following Bikram Sambat today is the new year here in Nepal and again it’s time to review what majorly happened during my schedule in 2075.

Xavin turned 1 year old on March 12 2019, Falgun 28 2075

First and foremost my little boy turned 1 year old and the bound of happiness will always remain high every year he turns old. My life has changed so much with his arrival and has desirably taught me what’s it’s like to be a father, amazing experience that i enjoy everyday. Thanks to my wife for that and well she has been amazing as always, supporting me.

Well my career life has not been great scholastically but 2075 has been really great for me cause of my underrated passion towards film-making and editing and the result, i started working in media company as cinematographer and editor. Day by day i am learning by working with a prodigious team which again is marvelous experience.

So if you have been following me for quiet a while you may know i do have a tech channel in YouTube, explaining different tech tips to various smartphone. Year 2075 has been great too for my channel, our channel was monetize verified and even great thing is we crossed 5K subscriber count,

5K Subs Thank You ALL

which may not seem that great according to YouTube standard but in my standard that is ultimate & great. And i will keep that going on i hope so. So this was my 2075 in short and i hope you reader will share as well below in the comments. 2076 in on the way and to the everything that comes down the road i will say ( in the words of Matthew Mcconaughey) Alright, Alright , Alright..!!

Thanks for reading and see you later, and not to forget HAPPY NEW YEAR 2076

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