It’s nearly a month since he left but still i wonder he will come down running, whenever i open the main gate of my home. To be honest i still can’t believe he is no more with me. I feel something is empty in me and my family since his demise. I still remember he came to wake me up licking my hands or even face sometimes during my college days. Well these all are good memories now for me since he is no more with us.

Gone but never forgotten

Back in time after completing my S.L.C my brother brought Chelsea . I was profound of pet’s and i was thinking of adopting before my bother brought him home from his friend’s. He was so cute as a baby. He used to cry a lot at night times (as anyone would leaving their mother so early) , feed him milk and biscuits at 1 am in the morning and even kept him aside me in my bed during time of winters. He grew up with all the love from family members….

Chelsea receiving tika during Kukur Tihar

It was at the age of 1.5 years when he had heavy fever and no notable vet in Banepa could treat him. I took him to Kathmandu in a hurry, as he didn’t ate anything for last 3 days and doctor’s in there treated him so well that he was again active in matter of time. With same hope i took him there again in same pet hospital but doctor’s said as hepatitis in dog’s are almost un-treatable and Chelsea had his kidney failed too which makes it more complicated to give certain medications. I was shattered and could’t even imagine life after him as doctors told he may die in some days. They even stated that dog’s of these breeds develop any disease soon as they pass their age. So brought him back to him where all we do was give him water while he was sleeping and could’t stand anymore, those will always be remembered as worst day’s of my life. So in the morning of July 15, Monday 2019- Asadh 30, 2076, before moving for office, i went near him, all he could do was move his eyeballs and ear, patted him near his neck and said Chelsea keep up until i return, but when i returned home he was no more… and thing that still eats me inside my heart is i would’t be there with him during his last breath.

With all these pain’s and suffering all we can do is look at the moments and cherish the time he was with us. Dog’s live less it’s the fact and one dog’s year would somewhat calculate to 7 human years so i would just look like that and remember Chelsea lived for 70 years with us and all i would remember is “Death is Inevitable but Memories remain’s Forever

I miss you so much Chelsea….

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