About Me

Hello everyone my name is Sagar Shahi, i am multimedia generalist  and based in Banepa. Here you will find most of the things about tech, travel, career tips , youtube, filmmaking, editing, motion garphics and many more. I know that’s a lot of things to talk about but that’s what i experience in my daily life. So what made me write about myself, from my childhood days i have been more passionate towards the photography, music and playing guitar that led me to make ultimate career in videography. I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration but to be honest i never really worked anywhere that of my field study. So lately i started making video in You-tube. I specially made videos on tech categories and occasionally travel and blog video’s but most of the subscribers i gained is because of tech topics. So its been while i have been working as a cinematographer and editor in an media company based in Kathmandu and for the it has been really a emotional touch to my career where i do what i love, so i have passionately being following my work travelling daily from Banepa to Kathmandu, that’s like 3 hours daily bike ride. These are the things that i experience daily in my life and to share what & how i experience i started to write a blog so this is how it started …. See you  in the other section